It’s a book arts teaching studio for children and adults, with ongoing weekday workshops and special occasion workshops on the weekends.

Okay then, what the heck is book arts?   Bookbinding. Papermarbling. Letterpress. Experimental artists’ books. Postcards and broadsides. Journals and albums. Pop-ups. Flexagons. All this, and more.

Family Book Lab is a place for making art, and a place to learn a craft, and it’s also a place where you can give yourself or your child the gift of a chance to experiment, to explore, to make some mistakes, to struggle a little. It’s hard for adults to be beginners at something; I get that. It can be hard for kids too!

My name’s Coriander Reisbord, and I’ve been making books as an artist (and in my day job, repairing rare ones) since 1990. I’ve taught workshops in book arts at the San Francisco Center for the Book and the Kala Art Institute. I teach letterpress printing at the California College of the Arts. Most of the photos decorating this site are of my work. Click on the Bio link in the top left corner for more information about me, and if you want to know the full history of the Family Book Lab project, you can read through the blog in the sidebar.

If you want to drop by and check the place out, please do! I will be glad to meet you. Call first so we don’t miss each other: 510 526 6332, or follow @familybooklab on Twitter to get my daily schedule (scroll down for link).