Yes! We’ll be there!  At the East Bay Mini Maker Faire, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday October 14th, which is…uh, five weeks away.

Five weeks! Plenty of time! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Let’s see, they got 4,500 people coming through last year, so assuming that one out of every ten actually wants to make a rubber stamp, that would be, uh, 450 people. Gulp! 450 over seven hours is 64.28 people per hour.

You know, I’m freaking myself out here. Let’s not assume one out of ten.

Let’s assume that at one out of ten, the booth will be so crowded and chaotic that folks will start passing it by for less frantic options, and traffic will drop to what I can actually manage. What might that rate be, that sustainable rate?

Let’s assume that I get a friend or two to help out in the booth; I think that’s not a bizarre thing to hope for. And let’s say that we set the booth up so that eight people can be making rubber stamps at once. And let’s say that each of those eight people carves and stamps for 15 minutes each, that’s 32 people an hour.  Okay! If 4,500 people come to the Faire, and if one out of every twenty people attending sits down to carve a rubber stamp, that’s 225 people. And — ha ha! — 32 people an hour for seven hours is 224 people.

Now, if 224 people want to carve rubber stamps out of erasers — you know, that’s a lot of erasers. Let’s say I cut each eraser into four pieces..

Five weeks! See you there?

(What am I talking about? this)


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