I’m not going to show you what’s inside, because these are for Father’s Day, and I hear that there are actually people reading this blog! And some of them might be dads, and these might be their kids. Next week you can see some insides, but this week just some envelopes. Click on any photo to see it bigger.

Do you remember The Best Porsen in the Wrold ? One of the kids in the class this morning cut out a lovely engraving of a trophy from the Illustrated London News of 1889 — I am lucky enough to have six months’ worth of ‘em we can use for collage — and wrote underneath it, “You Are the Worst Dad I Have Ever Had”. Fortunately it turned out to be a long-standing family joke (he’s also the best Dad she’s ever had; in fact, being the only one, he’s the most — or least — anything Dad she’s ever had). Ahhhhh, a joke! What a relief.

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