Because my kids broke the mouse. It’s a long story you wouldn’t find interesting. I’ll get a new one; I just — I don’t know, I’m not getting around to it. It’s summer. Cold grey Berkeley summer, yes, but summer as much as we get it here, as much as a working parent of school-age children has anything like a summer vacation, and dealing with my ancient computer’s crabby old hardware needs feels very Back to School.

It’s interesting: we have a box, a big box, filled with every kind of outdated cable and power-supply-cord you can imagine (Firewire? Yes! USB 1.0? Yes!) but no extra mice. Apple Keyboards One and Two were each in turn crippled by little children barfing on them (another story you don’t need to hear). Apple Keyboard Three (the one I’m using now) had one of the two shift keys and the up arrow key both disabled by a teeny little quarter-inch of beer, entirely my fault. (I reveal this humbling accident solely to illustrate how very many unused bits of computernalia we have about the place.) So why only one working mouse?

It’s the switch inside the mouse that’s misfiring,  sometimes requiring five or six clicks to do anything at all, which is tediously frustrating, and then sometimes sending off the same email five or six times with one click, which is downright embarrassing.  I’ve purloined the giant clunky wierd multiple-button Logitech mouse (What are all these buttons for?) from my partner’s computer for the afternoon, but I’ll need to return it when they get home from their outing (they are off making ice-cream with liquid nitrogen, so — ha ha! Our household’s one working mouse is mine!)

I hope you’re having a great summer!

By the way, there’s a new item on the Family Book Lab website: birthday parties.

These are the blocks we used last weekend, when the studio was filled with six little girls in flip-flops and Hello Kitty t-shirts, cranking away on the mighty Vandercook that outweighed them all put together. I know you have a birthday every single year, and so does everyone you know, so you might want to check it out. The kid parties have to be small, so I can be sure to return all the guests with the same number of fingers they came with, but parties for grownups could probably be bigger.

Agh! I hear the car in the driveway! Must return mouse!

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