It’s been birthday month here at Family Book Lab! First there were two parties held at the studio (did you know that you can throw a birthday party for you or your child at Family Book Lab? Oh yeah! Check the website for more information). The first was for a group of six and seven year-old girls, and the second for a mixed group of boys and girls a tiny bit older. Ink was mixed, paper was printed, books were made.

The third party was in our family; the birthday girl has plowed through all zillion pages of the Harry Potter series and wanted a Harry Potter party. You might think that would be only too easy to plan a party around, but just as our May birthday girl wanted a pinata that she’d be too tenderhearted to clobber properly, our August girl is what a nasty person might call unimaginative (but what we prefer to think of as literal-minded). What do I mean by literal-minded? Well, like wanting to figure out a way to have the invitations delivered by owls, because that’s how they do it in the wizarding world.

What she got was lavender sachet owls, and we made an Anti-Scorbutic Potion (that means a potion that cures or protects against scurvy — in other words, lemonade) and the girls crept around in the back yard looking for magical plants (in other words, plants with sparkly things hidden in them).

Aren’t the owls awesome, though? I got the pattern here, made ‘em out of scraps, and filled them with lavender. At the party we played a game with them that my siblings and I used to play with my grandma and called Camouflage. You could alternatively call it The Purloined Letter, after the Poe story, because it’s the same idea: hiding things in plain sight. They can’t be behind, or under, or inside anything else. Each girl pulled an owl out of a sack, got a good look at it, and then left the room while the rest of the girls hid it. One of the owls was so well camouflaged that the girl seeking it touched it with her hand without recognising that she’d done so. Wild shrieking! I thought at least one of them was going to pee in her pants.

Always a sign of a successful party, don’t you think?



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