Thursday night, 7 to 9 p.m., adults only!

How it works: You pay for a month in advance, and it’s $100 for the four classes. Some projects take more than one week, but we make sure to wrap everything up by the end of every month. Each month includes both printing projects on the press and bookbinding/book arts projects.

Past months of the Book Arts Sampler have included:

Calling cards with hand-set metal type, paste-paper, Victorian stamp wallets,  some mystifying Jacob’s Ladder books, a version of a Coptic multiple-signature hard-cover book, paper pressure-printing on the Vandercook, more single-signature pamphlets, multiple-signature case bindings, making our own bookcloth by laminating cloth with paste and Japanese paper, theater/carousel books, a French stenciling technique called pochoir, cross-structure flexible journals with colored Tyvek covers, and more! Really, more!

There is so much satisfaction to be had in making something both creative and useful, and making books by hand offers both. You can be an artist who plans out your projects in great careful detail, diving into the most intricate and austere experimental structures, or you can be a haphazard collage fiend, figuring everything out on the fly.

Treat yourself to something challenging!