Why don’t you have a picture of yourself? I don’t have any recent ones that I like. When I’m teaching, I am too busy to take a picture, and when I’m not teaching, well, I’m just kinda sitting there: not a really informative photo.

How much do classes cost? The price is based on $20/hour/person.

Boys and girls? Absolutely! Book arts has no gender.

Cancellation policy? If you can find a replacement to take your spot, you can cancel at any time. If I have a waiting list for the workshop you want to drop, you can cancel at any time. If neither of these things are true, we can negotiate something.

Birthday parties?  Oh, yes!

How do I sign my child/myself up? Drop by the studio, call, or send me an email.

Why can’t I sign up online? I’d really like folks to stop by the studio before they sign themselves or their child up for a workshop. Say hello, check out the equipment, see what you think about whether this is a good fit for you or your child or your family.

How do I find out about workshops in a timely manner?  Send me an email and I’ll add you to the email blast list.

Do you do gift certificates? You bet.

Are all the materials non-toxic? Not by a long shot. We will observe proper precautions — no eating in the studio, using gloves and barrier creams when appropriate, washing hands often and always before leaving — but these are real artists’ materials. Real artists take safety very seriously; drop by the studio and you will see what I mean.

Do you do private lessons? I could certainly do so, but it would be very expensive.